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What People are Saying About “A Butterfly’s Journey”, the book:


“I could not wait for this book to come out and as I read it I did not want it to end. It is the best book I have ever read. You did an awesome, awesome job telling your story that so many of us know to well. It even reaches those who have not suffered the loss and brings them as close to understanding our world as I feel is possible without living it. Your words made me Laugh and made me cry, best of all you brought comfort. In sharing your story you shared our stories. I am so glad to now know Brad, Robbie, and Brent! Though its not mentioned in your book, I will never ever not think of Brent, and will always smile when I hear ‘Bad To The Bone! ♥’  loved your book. I took it on vacation and just could not put it down.”

~ Patricia Van Coppernale, bereaved mother, Merrimac, MA

“Later that (the book launch) evening, after we arrived back home and everyone was settled for the night, I decided to begin reading the book.  It was so emotional…so compelling…so riveting, I couldn’t put it down!  By 3:00AM, with only a couple chapters left, I realized I needed to get some sleep if I expected to be able to function the following day!

 I finished the book last evening.  You did a great job, Barb.  Your book is powerful, emotional and poignant.  Tears were streaming down my face so profusely at times, I could no longer read the print on the pages, and had to put the book down to clear the tears from my eyes, before I could go on.  You clearly speak from the heart and share your very personal and private feelings in an honest and thought-provoking way. 

 My hope is that this book gets enormous exposure, because with the right exposure, it is certainly destined to be on the best-sellers list.  Thank you for sharing with such honesty and clarity, your very powerful journey about surviving grief after the death of a child and emerging a stronger, more confident person.”

~ Nancy Noyes Lambert, bereaved mother, Salisbury, MA

“I am now totally engrossed in your book and look forward to savoring it for maybe another day instead of just rushing through. It is just so powerful, gripping and compelling, Barb. Just so well done. I like Andre’s words on the back cover about shining a hard-earned light through your bottomless grief. Now I look forward to hearing more about the words and signs that may be coming from Brent in the pages to come. That was what was so staggering on my journey after my father’s death (and including that of my ex-husband and step-mother) – the spiritual insight absolutely dazzles, when it pierces our ordinary sense of reality. My second book is out, after many years.”

~ Jane Bernhardt, Author of “We Are Here“ & “The Sweet Conversation”, NH

I want you to know how much your life story touched me. You had me in tears from the hospital and funeral and then throughout the book. I also laughed with you. I enjoyed the honest words and emotions used to tell us your family’s life.  I thank – you for being wonderful enough to share such loss with all of us.    I must also tell you, I enjoyed the poetry (I am a sucker for poetry!)

 Believe it, I liked that you also included your spiritual journey it  made me feel SO human. Thank – you for the chapters of great insight and advice.”

~ Margaret Kelly, Merrimac, MA

“Barbara I just finished your book. Very real and heartfelt to hear your journey. Thank u for sharing . It helps us on our journey to see that we can figure out our new normal. You give us strength!”

~Susan Bonnell, bereaved mother, Haverhill, MA

“Well I finished your book last night and just bawled my eyes out!  I felt your writing was superb and your message was so completely uplifting for me.  It was our 5th ‘angel’versary in June, and my son Patrick’s birthday in July and it has been quite difficult.  Thank you for sharing your story, but more importantly for me at this stage, thank you for sharing your spirituality and the message that our children and others in our lives are right here with us, Even though we cannot touch them, we can reach out in other ways.  You have inspired me!”

– Diane Alaimo, bereaved mother, Methuen, MA

“Just finishing the book. What an incredible journey. Barbara you are amazing.”

~ Judith Good-Elia, retired CEO New England Blind & Deaf E Wakefield, NH

“I read your book and felt like I was reliving my own painful loss. My daughter Marci Lyn also died in a deadly accident. Felt your pain and my own. Good job with the book.”

~ Mary Sayward, bereaved mother, Amesbury, MA

“Barbara is an incredibly motivated author who opens her heart to share her journey. She is always ready to help others and extend her generosity. This book is truly and example of her love she is extending to the world…”

~ Lisa Christine Summerville, Plum Island, MA

“Hi Barbara, I finished your book the other evening.  It was a little overwhelming at first, to say the least!  And that you should take as a compliment.  I’ve never felt such empathy for someone and feel I can better understand what a dear friend went through many years ago when she lost her son.  I watched & was with her as she went through much of the same painful situations you did.  Of course, my favorite section of the book was toward the end as you have opened yourself to the other side & finding that there truly is more than just this life, & that we all remain connected!  Kudos for having the courage to share and give positive action to your grief.”

Jackie Coates, Manager KMCH Radio, Manchester, IA

Barbara, I’ll plan to see you tonight (at the TCF chapter meeting). I bought a copy of your book via Amazon; I’ll plan to bring it tonight to have you sign it… I feel that I’m  getting a lot from it… thanks!

Kathy O, bereaved mother Rockport, MA


FaithBookmark horWhat people say about “FAITH – Finding Answers In The Heart” :


Having lost a husband too young, I know how devastating it is to climb the lonely ladder of pain and loss. Barbara’s honest and brave story of finding faith after her son’s death empowers all of us to explore traditional therapies and the paranormal world.

Linda Collins, Vice President (retired) – JP Morgan Chase, north of Boston, MA



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