Sacred Oak Healing Services – Lori Mangano

lori-manganoLori is an Art Therapist , Reiki Master, and Journey Practitioner who believes that within each  of us is an inner wisdom and the answers to all that we seek, and provides tools to access them

Dis-ease, whether of mind, body, or soul, is a sign to go within, pay attention and make adjustments. Transform yourself and your life at Sacred Oak Healing Services.

Your body is your wisest teacher, and by paying attention to symptoms, whether emotional, physical, or mental, you can learn what needs to be altered in your life and change old beliefs that no longer serve you. Healing is a partnership between you and the Source of all healing, and by facing these truths you can live in awareness and freedom. Choose from a wide range of services all designed to empower you and allow healing to happen naturally.

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