Newsletter LAUNCH – Featured Article, FREE Tele-seminar, Events & more…

Newsletter LAUNCH – Featured Article, FREE Tele-seminar, Events & more…
Butterflys Journey

WELCOME to the launch of my newsletter to communicate experiences, tips, events and reasons for HOPE to those who’ve suffered a traumatic loss, especially families that have lost a child, or people who know someone that has. It’s a tough journey and we need all the help we can get. As a multiple bereaved parent, I founded and still lead a local nonprofit support group after eleven years. My mission is now to expand nationally through my book “A Butterfly’s Journey”, through individualized virtual support as well as through grief, health and spiritual resources. I also offer assistance to other organizations helping them better understand how to communicate with and support these families. I want to help those struggling with grief after the loss of a child, to find hope and happiness again. Supporting your journey to HOPE,
How are you handling the “Angel-versaries” of your loved ones?The twelfth anniversary of my 21-year-old son Brent’s transition just passed – this blog tells a little about what I’ve learned that allows me to be more grateful and than ‘in pain’ for these anniversaries. Here are some ideas on how you can remain grateful through your tough angel-versaries.Check out the feature blog below to see how you can remember to be grateful – if you like it, let me know – post a comment on my blog and tell me what you think, okay?





“Barbara I just finished your book. Very real and heartfelt to hear your journey. Thank you for sharing . It helps us on our journey to see that we can figure out our new normal. You give us strength!”
~Susan Bonnell, bereaved mother, Haverhill, MA

“I just don’t know how you do it Barbara ~ always breaks my heart all over again to hear of another family’s’ loss. Thank you for forwarding this information. Hope you are well. You are one strong person ~ someone who helped us get from feeling like we couldn’t go on without our son to gently holding us through to the other side of life again. Truly from darkness to light. Your patience and encouragement helped us on the path to reclaim life as it needed to be for the rest of our family. We were blessed to have found you!”
~ Heather Smith, bereaved mother, Durham, NH


  • Just aired – check it out on her site, Barbara’s interview on BCA TV’s “The Psychic Mind”hosted by Lois Berman
  • June 26th – Barbara’s FREE Teleclass on “CREATING A NEW NORMALl” REGISTER HERE
  • June 23rd – Barbara is the guest on the debut episode of a new TV series “Across the Universe”, on HCTV, read the PRESS RELEASE.
  • July 8th – Barbara is Interviewed Charter TV3’s show “6th Sense & Beyond” with 2013’s Best of Boston’s Psychic Medium, Katherine Glass
  • July 30th New England Author’s Book Expo, Danversport Yacht Club


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“Music is one of the great healing tools we can use as we move through the phases of grief. You can download, at no cost, the song Theme of a Butterfly’s Journey”, a lovely instrumental piece as my gift to you on your healing journey.

Barbara J Hopkinson has been helping bereaved families find hope and happiness again through for more than 10 years. She is also inspired to assist those who work in organizations which support them, how to better understand their needs.”

Barbara J Hopkinson has been leading bereaved families through the journey of grief for more than 10 years. She is also inspired to teach those who work in organizations that touch them, how to best communicate, console and support a bereaved family member after the death of child.

In 2003, following her 21-year-old son’s sudden death in a motorcycle accident (and the loss of two babies before that), Hopkinson founded The Compassionate Friends of Greater Newburyport, Mass, a local chapter of the international organization created as a support group for bereaved families.

Proceeding through her own intense grief journey simultaneously, she began tracking her progress in a journal unexpectedly given to her by her remaining son, Brad. The more grounded she became in her healing journey, the more she knew she had to share what she learned with others on a broader scale. Her unique perspective from losing multiple children and intimately witnessing so many other bereaved families in grief form the basis of her first book, A Butterfly’s Journey…Healing Grief After the Loss of a Child.

Hopkinson’s passion for helping bereaved families continues to expand beyond the launch of her first book in 2013, with her ongoing commitment to reach national and international audiences through public speaking and the creation of individualized virtual bereavement support programs and resources.

She is a model of hope for bereaved families, having found happiness again. She lives north of Boston with her second husband, Jim. She enjoys great relationships with her son, Brad, and three adult stepchildren, Melanie, Matthew and Christopher. She also has a passion for cooking, photography and travel, having visited forty-five countries so far.



For more information, visit the web site & contact Barbara at 617-410-6309 or for a complimentary 30-minute “Healing” conversation.



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June 19, 2014

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