MAUREEN CAMPAIOLA – A Debt Free Stress Free Life

MAUREEN CAMPAIOLA – A Debt Free Stress Free Life


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A Debt Free, Stress Free Life is a journal of stories, helpful information, resources, and humor all aimed at helping you find your Debt Free, Stress Free Life. Rooted in the belief that the first step to a debt free life is acceptance to your current circumstances, you’ll find new ways of living and to enjoy a simple but great life. Ultimately, what that means will be different for each and every one of you. For me it’s a life rich in family, friends, freedom and fun. No matter what this means for you, I’m glad you’re here.


Hi there! I’m Maureen. Maureen C I’m single, fabulous and in my fifties. I’m a writer, entrepreneur, DIYer, photographer, care taker to my mother Anne, mother to my grown daughter Carrie and soon to be grandmother to Lucas. I’m wedged in the sandwich generation and doing my best to maneuver through it. My greatest passion is my family and creating a simple, stress free life.

A note from Barbara at
Wondering why this is related to grief? Because often there are unexpected large funeral expenses to recover from – or maybe we want to reduce the other stress in our life – or maybe we want to get organized on behalf of our loved one – or maybe we just need to move and begin our life anew… …for many reasons.
Supporting your journey to HOPE, Barbara

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January 25, 2015

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