Grief Diaries – “Will We Survive?”

AlyBlue Media announced the release of Grief Diaries: Will We Survive? , the 21st title in the award-winning anthology book series. 

Losing a child leads to challenges that impact most every relationship—how can it not? Many marriages fail, but many marriages not only survive, they go on to thrive (the loss can bring some couples closer).

Staying true to the Grief Diaries mission of offering comfort to others who share our path and opening the dialogue about sensitive issues, The 21st book in the Grief Diaries series was released, which takes an honest, candid look at the challenges many relationships face after child loss and how 15 bereaved parents handled it. 

A big shout-out to coauthors Daphne Greer and Barbara Hopkinson and writers Barry Brooks, Bill DownsJulie DownsNancy EdwardsDebra Ann Gray-Elliott, Christina Mitchell, Sunshine Purcell, Tami Raffanti, Vanessa Schaeffer, Talia Gato, Michelle Waugaman, and Jeannie Wheeler for being courageous leaders on such a sensitive topic.




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