Grief Diaries – “Poetry & Prose”

AlyBlue Media announced the release of Grief Diaries: Poetry & Prose and More, the 19th title in the award-winning anthology book series. 

Series creator Lynda Cheldelin Fell partnered with authors Mary Potter Kenyon and Marilyn Rollins in the compilation featuring a collection of expressive writing that includes original poetry, prose, journal entries, and more by 18 women as they journey through different struggles including loss and mental illness.  ABJ’s Barbara J Hopkinson is one of the women contributing to this book.

“The contributors of this book find hope in writing. We create stories about lives, about our moments together, about death, about who we now are. We speak stories of our own illnesses, and the illnesses of those around us, and these stories become a light we offer to others,” said Dianna Vagianos Armentrout, a poetry therapy practitioner who wrote the book’s foreword.



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