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ABJ December ’15 Newsletter
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Butterflys Journey

December, 2015 

 Hello Barbara,   

 Happy Holidays!  

We are in the midst of the craziness of the holidays, and the struggles they bring – with grief and sadness over lost loved ones.  It is a contrast to the joy and happiness we feel with the family and friends that are here now with us.  This is a mixed-up emotional time of year, and that’s okay – it’s normal.  Remember that! 

 One of the featured blogs talks about that and how joy ad grief are intertwined, and it has embedded a very interesting 10-minute TED talk as part of it – check it out below.

 But most importantly – remember that self-care is of utmost importance this time of year.  You’ll be of more value to yourself and others if you set boundaries and take care of you in the process!

 Also, things constantly change, and will continue to do so.  Change is not always easy – in fact, it’s almost never easy.  So, expect that and give yourself a break!  You will get used to it, we all do

Wishing you a peaceful, joyful, and wonderful-for-you holiday season… and a happy, healthy, prosperous 2016!

Supporting your journey to a New Normal,   



President & Executive Director, A Butterfly’s Journey

 PS. Please forward this newsletter or the ABJ site to anyone with acute grief.  A complimentary 30-minute chat with me may also be scheduled HERE.      



Joy and Grief intermix in our lives, they are intertwined.  See examples of that in this article and a very interesting TEDx talk video about it and closure. 


Feature Blog: “Joy and Grief are Intertwined”

Other blogs this month talk about the changes in the holidays and some tips for handling them: 


 What’s ABJ up to ???

      … and featured resources



  • Attended Business Intensive in NYC – some great ideas for ABJ
  • Held “Choose-To-Heal” Photo Shoot – see Photo Gallery 
  • Video shoot with WeCast Productions – being edited 
  • Joined ‘Connect-2-Coach‘ Network
  • Started plan 2016 – for retreats, webinars, events 
  • Received funding donation from local bank
    • Institution For Saving, Newburyport, MA
  • TCF:  
    • Held Annual Candle Lighting, part of TCF Global WCL
    • Local chapter meeting Mon 10/28, 7:30PM at ICPC, Room 209


January 2016 and beyond:   HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

  • January: Official launch of ABJ nonprofit & site & Resource Ctr
  • GRM classes in New England details (to be announced
    • Roots-to-Wings Yoga in Newbury, MA – finalizing dates
  • Launch Virtual remote support
  • Launch Photo Shoots with other organizations
  • Planning quarterly webinars and events, including:
    • Writing Through Grief workshop with Scribblers Ink
    • Other oceanfront Day-long Retreats w/guest speakers
  • Working on Peer Support certification

GRM Grief Recovery Classes

(Group or 1-on-1)

GRM Introduction Video 


ABJ is certified in Grief Recovery Institute’s (GRI) Grief Recovery Method (GRM), which is action-based, and has been used internationally for more than 28 years.  We offer group or 1-o-1 classes anywhere in New England, on our own in community or as part of organizational programs.

      Barbara J Hopkinson has led bereaved families through the journey of grief for more than 10 years. Following her 21-year-old son’s death (and the loss of two babies before that), Hopkinson founded The Compassionate Friends of Greater Newburyport, MA — a local chapter supporting families after a child dies. 

     She also founded the nonprofit, A Butterfly’s Journey To A New Normal, offering resources to help recover from acute grief. Barbara is certified to provide GRI Grief Recovery Method GROUP or 1-on-1 classes.   She is also an author of two books,  “A Butterfly’s Journey… Healing Grief After the Loss of a Child” and a collaborative, “FAITH – Finding Answers In The Heart, Vol II”.  

      Barbara is a model of hope, having recovered and found her new normal.  She lives north of Boston with her husband, and near her son and three adult stepchildren.  She is also passionate about cooking, photography and travel.    

For more information, visit the ABJ web site   
Contact Barbara at 
617-410-6309  or  barbara@abutterflysjourney.com for a complimentary 30-minute conversation or schedule it now HERE.   


If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below: 
Barbara Hopkinson PO Box 872 Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950 United States (617) 410-6309


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December 31, 2015

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