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 Hello Barbara J,

April is just finished and we can really see and feel spring now!

it feels lovely to get outside more, to see the green coming out everywhere and colors starting to bloom.  It makes we want to reconnect with the world and with my spiritual connection, how about you?  Our blogs this month relate to that connection.  It helps us heal and feel more in touch with our lost loved ones.  For me, it really helped me survive and thrive after traumatic loss.  Explore your feelings and beliefs – see if it might help you heal!

Take care of YOU, keep an open mind to try new things and BE WELL!


Supporting your journey to a New Normal,  


President & Executive Director, A Butterfly’s Journey


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More About “Signs” – Do You Believe?”

Do you believe in signs from lost loves ones?
Do you look for signs?
Do you write them down?


7-5-2013-11-20-15-AM1I do believe,

I do look, and …

I do write them down!


Brent DeLibero


It used to feel a little weird, I used to be a little skeptical.  But when my 21-year-old son Brent died suddenly, I was sent (involuntarily) on a journey…  a mission to figure out if his spirit continued.  I was coming from a Catholic upbringing and a skeptical corporate background.  And I was married to someone even more skeptical than me!  But in spite of all that — I am now absolutely convinced that all of our spirits continue, and they our loved ones are often with us and trying to send us signs.


Not everyone gets or sees signs.  It would be nice if they were always noticed and perceived correctly… if there was no doubt…  if there was just the comfort from them in our grief.  

Oh well, life isn’t perfect and neither is this business of getting signs from our loved ones in spirit.  

Why is that?  Who knows…  It might be because our loved ones are not experienced in making the signs obvious.  It might be because we are not watching for them.  It could be because we are so deep in our pain and at such a low energy vibration, nothing can get through to us. It could be we just don’t believe.

Whatever the reason – I have proven to myself and I am unshakable in my belief in afterlife and signs.  I’ve written blogs on them before (search for “signs” in the search box on the sidebar of my blog page.  But I continue to watch for them, and receive them — sometimes direct to me, sometimes through others.


purple butterflies

One of the most recent cases was when a trusted friend and medium told me that my son Brent planned to send me purple butterflies.  She told me they may not be real or in person, I may just see a picture of them, but to know he was giving me a sign of his love.  I kept vigilant for a few days and didn’t notice anything, was a little disappointed — then yesterday, as I was distracted this video showed up on my Facebook timeline, from someone I didn’t know!  

“OK, thank you Brent – love ya!”


Butterfly on Patrick's arm
Another example of this (in our ABJ Resource Center) is an interview on “Signs and Connections”  of Mitch Carmody, grief expert, by Dr Gloria Horsley, founder of Open to Hope.  Mitch is founder of Heartlight Studios and does a workshop on “Whispers of Love” with some amazing photos!  ABJ is joining Mitch & doing a photo shoot on a Bereavement Cruise by Seminars at Sea this September.


There is even a Facebook group for “Signs From Loved Ones” – check it out!

Several of the energy workers that I’ve been to have confirmed information to me about the three children I lost, which they had no way of knowing.  Over time, with more and more of these occurrences (involving several different people), and the accumulation of signs I have seen for myself, and stories from other bereaved families about signs they have had.. along with credible books I’ve read and speakers I’ve heard on the topic…


I do believe in signs!  I hope you can too!                   XO Barbara


Video Blog:  



Other Blogs This Month:    More About “Signs” – Do You Believe?


What’s ABJ up to ???



What we were up to in April 2016:

  • Attended Business Conference, Atlanta, GA (4/8-10)
  • Hosted sessions with medium Laura Emerald for bereaved parents
  • Additional connections with national grief organizations & speakers
  • Signed up for Grant database as Assoc Grant Makers memeber
  • Attended AGM Grant Research class
  • Taped an OPEN-TO-HOPE (national grief org) TV show in NYC
  • Held ABJ Board Meeting & funding discussions
  • Brought on a new board member, Mel Yell.
  • Received grant from First Ipswich Bank, Ipswich, MA – Thank you!

Coming May 2016:

  • Sponsor NERSC – New England Resource Service Coord Conf – CT
  • TCF of Grtr Newburyport Memorial – Plum Island Lighthouse, Sun 5/29
  • Planned BLAB interview & webinar with Connect-2-Coach
  • Planned Boston radio station interview
  • Planning a summer day retreat in Lunenberg, MA
  • Crowdfunding campaign research & selection, grant applications

Coming June 2016: 

  • My son Brad’s wedding to his fiance Kim-Soo!  :-)  6/18
  • The usual mentoring, writing projects, board meeting & fundraising…
  • … but this month will have a bigger-than-usual personal activity slant…

Q2 2016 and beyond:  (subject to change)

  • TCF National Conference – July 8-10, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Photo Shoot on Bereavement Weekend Cruise to the Bahamas  (Sept)
  • Planned “Hike to Heal” with Brandy Sales/Wecast Productions – (Oct)
  • Planned themed webinar & events in Q3 & Q4
  • Planned in-depth interview with Connect-2-Coach
  • Planned Feb’17 Photo Shoot on Seminars-at-Sea Bereavement Cruise



Bereavement Cruise

“Proactive Grieving”
September 15-18, 2016

Carnival Victory Cruise

Nassau, The Bahamas
4 days/3nights
Departs Port Canaveral, FL                                          VIDEO

SIGN UP BY MAY 15TH                                              www.J3HHH.com



Our Story 

A Butterfly’s Journey (ABJ) has a mission to help individuals and families struggling with grief after the loss of a child, or other early loss, to find hope and a new normal. We do that through events, grief recovery classes, a comprehensive online Resource Center, and our photo shoots to allow grievers to express themselves simply, visually and emotionally to spark discussion. We also provide assistance to other organizations through education and resources. 

Barbara J Hopkinson, ABJ Founder, President & Executive Director has lost 3 children and led bereaved families through the journey of grief for more than 12 years.  She founded and leads a chapter of The Compassionate Friends, as well as A Butterfly’s Journey To A New Normal. She is certified Grief Recovery Specialist and author of two books “A Butterfly’s Journey” & “FAITH – Vol.II”


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