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Butterflys Journey

October, 2015

Happy Halloween!  

They say that this is the time of year when the veil is thinnest…  between the physical and spiritual worlds.  What are your beliefs? 

Have you had any ‘signs’ from your deceased loved ones?  Do you write them down?  You should – someplace where you will remember, so you can get to them when you want to later.  I have one of those leather refillable journals where the pages have a small corner with perforations to tear off.  So, when I experience something which I believe is a sign from my son, I write it down, put an asterisk (*) in the margin, and tear off the bottom corner of the page, so I can easily find those signs again.   

I’ll be going through those from the last several years, and interviewing others on their experience with the most ‘credible’ signs for my next book.  Credible signs are hard to refute, to argue with, they may have a physical evidence component.  

For example, once my son realized he could be understood by a psychic friend, he would occasionally give her a message for me.  One time, I was taking a walk before unpacking in a temporary summer home which she’d never seen.  On my way back, t got a text from her saying “Be careful going up your front steps, Mom.  Love, Brent”  I was used to these messages, so I smiled and continued, but was really shocked when I got back, because one of the front wooden steps had a crack the entire length!  If I’d unwittingly placed my weight on the outside edge of it, I might’ve fallen and gotten hurt!  

If you have any credible signs like this from your loved ones and wouldn’t mind me considering them for inclusion in my book, please  contact me on my site, by email or by phone.  Thank you!

Have a fun and spooky Halloween and I hope you get a ‘sign’!

Supporting your journey to a New Normal,    



President & Executive Director, A Butterfly’s Journey 

PS. Please forward this newsletter or the ABJ site to anyone with acute grief.  A complimentary 30-minute chat with me may also be scheduled HERE.



Do you trust that all of our spirits continue?  Or are you a skeptic?  I used to be one, not any longer.  

One of this month’s blogs,“Trusting In Our Perpetual Spirit” explains why. 


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ABJ2ANN Color logo small

   What’s ABJ up to ???

      … and featured resources




  • Spoke at Business Breakthrough Bootcamp in Stamford, CT 
  • Held ‘Choose-To-Heal” Photo Shoot for bereaved families 
  • Attended CT workshop “Living LIfe After the Death of a Loved One”
  • Hosted Newburyport Writers Meeting
  • Meeting with Scribblers Ink re: Grief Writing Retreats
  • TCF: 
    • Meeting with TCF Regional Coordinator for MA & RI
    • Held TCF Newburyport chapter mtg w/TCF regional coordinator


  • Business Intensive in Savannah, GA  Nov 10-11
  • ABJ Board Meeting & add Advisory Board
  • Plan 2016, retreats, funding, site launch, etc
  • Create videos & crowd-funding campaign for ABJ startup
  • TCF November chapter meeting Mon Nov 23

December & beyond:   (call Barbara 617-410-309 for details) 

  • ABJ Photo Shoot, Sun 12/13, 5-7PM (before TCF candle lighting) 
  • Business Intensive in NYC 12/9-11
  • TCF:  
    • Local:  Annual Candle Lighting 12/13 7-8PM & optional mtg after
    •            December chapter support meeting Mon 12/28 
    • Global:  Memorial Candle Lighting, Sun 12/13, 7-8P local time
  • January: GRM classes in New England details (to be announced)
  • Writing Through Grief workshop with Scribblers Ink – Feb 6, 2016


Laura-E-pic2-e1418323885547LAURA EMERALD, Spirit Medium+

As one of ABJ’s trusted resources, Laura has helped myself, many parents in my TCF chapter and others to connect with their loved ones.  
She also teaches people how to connect better on their own, and is offering an interactive program starting 11/2 and a full day workshop on Sat. 11/14. 

Find out more on her site:  www.lauraemerald.com 


   Barbara J Hopkinson has led bereaved families through the journey of grief for more than 10 years. Following her 21-year-old son’s death (and the loss of two babies before that), Hopkinson founded The Compassionate Friends of Greater Newburyport, MA — a local chapter supporting families after a child dies. 

     She also founded the nonprofit, A Butterfly’s Journey To A New Normal, offering resources to help recover from acute grief. Barbara is certified to provide GRI Grief Recovery Method GROUP or 1-on-1 classes.   She is also an author of two books,  “A Butterfly’s Journey… Healing Grief After the Loss of a Child” and a collaborative, “FAITH – Finding Answers In The Heart, Vol II”.  

    Barbara is a model of hope, having recovered and found her new normal.  She lives north of Boston with her husband, and near her son and three adult stepchildren.  She is also passionate about cooking, photography and travel.    


For more information, visit the ABJ web site
Contact Barbara at 
617-410-6309  or  barbara@abutterflysjourney.com for a complimentary 30-minute conversation or schedule it now HERE.





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