Our Mission

The mission of A Butterfly’s Journey is threefold: News-Letter-Butterfly-50-e1392357533954


  1. To help individuals and families struggling with grief after acute loss, to find hope and a new normal.  We specialize in the support of families that have lost a child — at any age, from any cause.
  2. To provide supplementary services and resources to organizations, to close the existing gaps in supporting bereaved individuals and families.
  3. To build awareness in the community around grief, to diminish the stigma and fear, and to encourage community acceptance, support and open discussion.
The death of a child is every parent’s worst fear and has been rendered to be “A catastrophic stressor unlike any other” by the Psychiatric Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.
At A Butterfly’s Journey To A New Normal — we believe that we need to make the choice to heal.  Only then can we be more open to methods, resources and community that will help us do so; recognizing that it is not easy or quick, but IT IS POSSIBLE to heal and find a NEW NORMAL.
Our ABJ board members and advisors have lost children, grandchildren & siblings.
We GET it, we have BEEN THROUGH it, we can HELP YOU.

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