Grief Recovery for INDIVIDUALS:

ABJ understands that your grief is UNIQUE — like your situation, your beliefs and your personality.  Not everyone wants to be part of a group or at least not rely only on group support.  We want to find the best way to help you heal in a way that is comfortable, confidential, and works for YOU.  ABJ also wants to empower you to continue on your own, at your own pace. ABJ offers individualized options to help you find a new normal for your unique grief:


Through our action-based Grief Recovery Method (GRM, used internationally for 35 years), our individualized Virtual Support and our ever-growing On-line Resource Center, we can help you take steps to complete your grief, to find hope again and to find your new normal.

ABJ encourages use of all resources available and will help you find help inside and outside our scope, including online communities that may fit your situation.

We can also help you find LOCAL support groups in national organizations or for specific needs.

Lastly, we have blogs, video blogs, newsletters and we host events.  We also provide cathartic “Choose To Heal” photo shoots at our own and other organization events to allow free expression and promote open discussion on grief, which provides healing.


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