ORGANIZATIONAL Assistance for Grief:

A Butterfly’s Journey provides resources and support to those who touch grievers’ lives, in a way that is COMPLIMENTARY, not competitive, to their existing work or support organizations.

ABJ can help:

  • BUSINESSES improve the isolation and reduced productivity when employees grieve.  We can also help managers and peer employees understand better communication with the grieving employee.
  • SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS provide even better care and more resources for grieving clients, especially families that have suffered the loss of a child — at any age from any cause.
  • COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS to provide more effective resources to their griever constituencies.

Staff Workshops

GRM Introduction Video

ABJ does this through our group Grief Recovery classes, staff or community classes (on-site Seminars/Workshops, or  on-line Webinars/Tele-Seminars), and our cathartic “Choose To Heal” Photo Shoots (in OUR events or YOURS). 

See our Photo Gallery for examples – optionally, both organization and individual receive their digital images in color and black-and-white.

ABJ’s Resource Center is also available for Organizations’ staff, clients and employees by subscription.

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