Bryce Canyon, UT

Do you realize how healing nature can be?

Do you make yourself get out & enjoy it?

Near or far, what’s easy and fun for you to do OUTSIDE?



We are often so bound into our world of working, commuting, watching TV, searching online, playing video games and feeling sorry for yourselves… that we forget to let nature heal us, as it was intended.

Nature is everywhere and it’s beautiful… if you take the time to see it.  It is also healing… if you take the time to really look at it and enjoy it!  Especially this time of year in the northeast – with still some warm days or crisp cool air and colorful foliage.  

But you don’t need warm air or a particular time of year to enjoy nature.  Walks in the park or on the beach, hikes in the mountains or foothills, sitting on a bench outdoors in a nice day — meditating in the sun or deep breathing in the fresh air will do wonders for your stress level.  Taking a ride in a convertible with the top down through fall foliage or a leisurely stroll around a pond or lake… even watching children and pets play outdoors is fun and mood-elevating.  Looking up at the blue sky and guessing what the clouds are shaped like, appreciating creatures you see… or just being grateful for your surroundings and to be alive. It helps!  It doesn’t have to take much time or cost anything to lift your mood, focus on the beauty in nature and be grateful for it.  


Checkerboard Mesa – Zion, UT

If you can, travel to somewhere you haven’t been.  I had a wedding this fall in Utah.  We flew into Las Vegas and drove through amazing terrain to enjoy Bryce Canyon – I’ve never seen anything like it!  Then the wedding was just outside Zion National Park, so we got to enjoy Zion as well.


Zion slot canyons, UT





The groom, a rock climbing guide, took those of us who wanted to — repelling into slot canyons!  Now that was awesome!    I also got to do a little hiking, horseback riding and zip lining.  It felt great!




Hiking Hearts on top Mt Witactic w/ABJ banner

Appreciating nature and trying new things give you a new lease on life!  You can even do it for a cause of your choice.  A local philanthropical hiking nonprofit “Hiking Hearts” just conducted a “Hike to Heal” to benefit A Butterfly’s Journey and funding ga Photo Shoot (one of our ABJ services to help people heal using photography).  ABJ Photo Gallery

DONATIONS can be made here to still support the hikers in funding the ABJ photo shoot at our Memorial Candle Lighting in December.

Nature doesn’t make all your troubles go away, but it can hep you focus on something else for awhile, and it can make you feel better, heal a little.  Isn’t that what we want and what our loved ones want for us?

Make yourself a promise to get outside at least once a week — even when it’s cold or hot — if only just for a few minutes to stop and ‘smell the roses’.  You’ll be glad you did.  Happy nature healing! 

 …supporting your journey to a new normal.

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