nothing for granted
Do you sail through life taking things for granted?

Are you mostly oblivious to all of the gifts around you?

Do you remember to be grateful for EVERYTHING?

We are all guilty of taking things in our lives for granted… until they are GONE.

So sad… that we rush though our lives and focus on the problems — what is wrong with everything and everyone around us.  We sometimes forget about all the wonderful people and things in our lives and how much they mean to us.  

We are blessed – all of us, in some way; even those with great losses or great difficulties.  There is likely something possible to learn from those things, and hopefully other things in those lives are amazing and priceless.  Sometimes,  the people with the most difficulties remember to act the most blessed.  We see it all the time with wounded veterans, sick children, people helping others.

programsTake a few moments several times a day… to just breathe and be grateful for the wonderful things in your life.  It could be your family, your friends, your health, where you live, your work, where you get to travel or just little things like a smile from a child or an elderly person. 

The point is, don’t waste time being angry, or too busy to notice the beauty in nature, or too serious to make fun of yourself  Laugh so hard that you cry.  Life is too short – as we know from losing our loved ones, maybe the ones we took for granted – like they would always be there for us.

Don’t get me wrong, they still are — in spirit.  But wouldn’t it be nice to make them feel appreciated before they leave us physically?  Regardless whether that happens too young or after a long life.  When is the last time you praised your child, hugged your aunt or uncle, told your mother or father you appreciated all they did for you?  Or went out of your way to make your partner feel special?  Do it now, while they are with you!

Heck, are you even being nice to yourself?  Don’t take yourself for granted either!  You are amazing!  Remind yourself, give yourself credit for the nice things you do.

Even if you have regrets after a loved one’s departure, give yourself a break.  Most likely, you were doing the best you could at the time, with no negative intent.  They forgive you — forgive yourself.  Forgive others.  it’s the only way to emotional freedom.  Then try not to take things for granted.  It’s uplifting, and it makes  you feel great — to be aware and focused on the UP side.

Claim your rights as an optimist and be grateful for everything and everyonLOVEcolor-1ae around you.  It will not only help you heal your grief – it will make you feel better and make your loved ones happier.


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Barbara J Hopkinson, President & Exec Dir.,
A Butterfly’s Journey… To A New Normal

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