Why do we feel the need to make transitions in the spring?  Because that is nature’s time for new beginnings…  and A Butterfly’s Journey is doinBarb-Welcome-tmbg just that!

We’ve been a little quiet over the winter — not just because of the CRAZY amount of snow and cold in the Boston area, but because it’s time to improve, to grow, to transition into something new as our next phase.

So..  what are we doing???  LOTS of NEW things! 

  • We are converting ABJ to a nonprofit and extending it’s name from “A Butterfly’s Journey” … to include ” To A New Normal” with a tax-emempt status, as well as adding a new Partner Center & a Resource Center with many useful resources.
  • We got certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist by the Grief Recovery Institute in their trademarked Grief Recovery Method, proven over 28 years internationally.
  • On April 23rd, releasing a new inspirational book on Amazon: “FAITH – Finding Answers In The Heart – Volume II”, a collaboration of 14 female authors.I am now a Grief Recovery Specialist, certified by the Grief Recovery Institute in their Grief Recovery Method, proven over 28 years, internationally.

Coming soon – a new web site, newsletter & Resource Center!


…… the new 501c3 organization has a threefold mission:

  1. To help families struggling with grief after the loss of a child, to find hope and happiness again.
  2. To provide supplementary services and resources to organizations, to close the existing gaps in supporting bereaved families.
  3. To build awareness in the community around grief after the loss of a child, to diminish the stigma and fear, and to encourage community acceptance, support and hope.

We will be offering new products and services which will build over time, and any donations to or purchases from ABJ will be tax deductible.  There will also be Partners to choose from who offer  additional products or services that might be useful to the bereaved family community – in areas like Self-Care, Spiritual, Financial, Legal, etc.  Maybe most importantly, there will be a new Resource Center, containing many kinds of helpful resources including areas of recommended books or music, online and interactive grief resources, tools and options for self-care, spiritual and general healing.


Our GRM Grief Support Groups provide a safe environment for you to look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss, which losses have affected your life, and take actions that will lead you to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain.

You may choose a 1-on-1 approach (7 @ 90-minute sessions) or a group approach (8 @ 2-hour sessions held weekly (over two months), or twice per week (over one month), 

In addition to GRM groups, we continue our ongoing services – see “Ongoing” below.


FAITHFinding Answers In The Heart – Vol.II:

Do you listen to your intuition?
Are you aware of those inner nudges that help direct you on your path?

Faith is not a question of attitude. Faith is a deep inner knowing. A certainty. Trusting that life will be for the better, no matter what. It is expecting the best from every circumstance and responding to reality with a glass-half-full positivity.

The 14 authors of this book share their stories of overcoming huge challenges—physical disabilities, childhood trauma, cancer, the death of a loved one—to show you the way. To show you that you can do it. You can make a change… heal… have FAITH!

Find out more and pre-order at a discount!  
Get several days of free gifts before the 4/23 launch!

My 1st book, “A Butterfly’s Journey” available in hardcover, paperback or eBook, coming soon in audio!  Original music also available.



The Compassionate Friends (TCF):  


  • Monthly chapter meetings (4th Mondays)
  • Annual Candle Lighting Memorial – 2nd Sundays in December
  • Occasional other events, national & local web sites, physical memorials

A Butterfly’s Journey (ABJ): ButterflyCoverR-paths

  • individualized virtual support (for your unique stye and situation)
  • 1-day oceanfront Retreats north of Boston
  • web site with blogs, podcasts, videos and other resources


Supporting YOUR journey to HOPE…       

More information on my web site &  contact me at
617-410-6309   or  [email protected] 
for a complimentary ‘Healing” conversation.

 PS Please consider forwarding this info to someone who suffered a traumatic loss.


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