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Are you?  Really?  

I hope so – you never know when you might catch a sign from your loved one!
  I had an unexpected experience just recently.

My husband and I took a well-deserved break from the severe winter weather, where we live north of Boston, to visit my brother and some friends in Florida.  Jim had never been to Disney, so we decided to stop there first.  We flew from Boston into Orlando on a Wednesday, spent Thursday in Epcot Center and decided to go to Downtown Disney on Friday to have dinner and see a show before driving west Saturday morning.

We got to the restaurant early, before the dinner crowd, and asked to be seated at a booth.  It was a slightly longer than usual booth with wooden benches and a rectangular wooden table.  There were condiments on the table near the wall and a dark brown inverted  metal cone lamp hanging overhead, just above our eye level. The inside was covered with a colorful childlike crayon pattern of scribbles.  I’d barely noticed the colors as we sat down.  We looked over the menu. The server took our order and brought us drinks.  We waited for our food to be delivered while we chatted about our day and as I looked across the table at my husband, something just above his head caught my eye – it was my deceased 21-year-old son Brent’s name!


IMG_8490What?  This couldn’t be!  I looked again closer, and there it was!  I asked Jim if he saw it too, he did!  I looked inside the lamp to see if I could see other names.  I could not, it was just colorful scribbles.  Then I looked at some of the other similar lamps at nearby tables – all scribbles, nothing as clear.  When I came back, Brent’s name was still there – across from me, as plain as day!  I took several pictures, a couple of which are here – and it did not change!  

I was shocked — how else could I explain it other than a sign from my son?  It was the only name, it was facing me, I was not the only one who saw it, and it showed up in the photos I took!  OK then — THANK YOU Brent!

Now, I’ve had several signs in the 12-1/2 years since my son died, some directly — some through trusted friends.  Only a few of them are more credible than the others, where you can’t explain them away.  They usually have some corroboration or physical presence that is hard to deny, even by skeptics.  I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!  I wish it could happen more often but am grateful whenever it does.


REMEMBER, YOU MIGHT MISS IT IF YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR IT.  Be vigilant and open to the possibility of these signs coming to you.  You should not try to imagine them, you should always question them, but in all cases WRITE THEM DOWN.  Capture them somewhere you’ll remember, like a journal & mark them to find them later.  Trust me, you will want to find them later. 

After all my years of experience and research, I have no doubt that all spirits of our children and loved ones continue — ours will as well.  But I find it so validating and hopeful when I get this kind of credible sign, that I’ve started a book on just that.  I am starting to interview bereaved parents and grandparents to collect their stories, filter them, and with their permission, write up the most credible stories.   Gathering them into a book for all of us will give us hope.  

If you are interested in being interviewed and allowing me to use your story, please contact me (below).
If so, thank you in advance.

We really can heal from this type of loss, I did.
These signs help us do so.

Supporting the journey to HOPE…       

More information on my web site &  contact me at
617-410-6309   or  [email protected]
for a conversation on “signs” or other areas of ABJ.

 PS Please consider forwarding this info to someone who suffered a traumatic loss.



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