February – the month of Valentine’s Day… of LOVE.  
But do we remember to love ourselves too?  Often not…  
It’s a good time to remind yourself to TAKE CARE OF YOU!


Whether you are in the midst of a tough winter – as we are in the northeast this year…   or just in a long stretch of forgetting about self-care due to getting through the hectic holidays and taking care of everyone BUT yourself…  or suffering from grief over the loss of a loved one recently –

HOW?  … lots of ways – pick what appeals to you, but make it restful, joyful, replenishing…  Treating yourself well might include some of these:

  • massage, facial or warm paraffin treatment (just had one – Ah.h.h.h…)
  • take a day off and sleep, read, walk…  whatever heals you
  • meditate with lovely scents, candles, and plenty of quiet time
  • soak in a warm scented bubble bath, topped with rose petals
  • journal your feelings, write to your departed loved ones, let it all out!
  • travel somewhere you’ve wanted to visit – local or far away
  • indulge in an amazing meal – be waited on or cook if you love it
  • play – with family, friends, grandchildren or local kids – let it hang out!
  • hold a memorial – get out pictures & remember fun loving memories
  • reach out and help someone for a day – so healing, loving & feels great

In any case – you’ll feel fresher, more loved and replenished…  and how much better will you be for others if you are well-cared-for? MUCH better!

I am one of 14 female authors in a new inspirational collaborative book, which I am in the process of introducing, called “FAITH – Finding Answers In The Heart”, Volume II, and we recently started a blog.  February’s blogs were on Self-Care by five of the authors – their perspectives are here:  ENJOY!


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So, bottom line – remember to
LOVE yourself once in a while!



Wishing you much LOVE!             

More information on my web site &  contact me at
617-410-6309   or  [email protected]
for a complimentary ‘Healing” conversation.

 PS Please consider forwarding this info to someone who suffered a traumatic loss.

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