Laura Emerald

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For over a decade, Laura Emerald has been providing mediumship readings and teaching courses that help others open up to and harness their own connection to the spiritual realm. In developing her own connection, as a Medium, a Reiki Master, and a channel for Divine Healing, Laura has found her calling “Connecting Spirit, People, and the Planet” together to live more sustainably.


Laura Emerald

Laura is a Spirit Medium, Wife, Mother, Sustainable Living and Environmental Activist, Teacher, Speaker, and author of a number of articles and soon-to-be-published books. She provides private, phone or group readings as well as offers courses, workshops and is an accomplished speaker.  Laura also writes a blog for sharing spiritual development and mediumship insights, stories, love, and strategies for living more sustainably.  


She sends her Blessings!  

For more information about Laura’s services, visit her website at:

She can also be contacted by phone at: 617-281-1866  or  email:  l[email protected]



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