• Do you feel like you are alone in your grief?  
  • Do you believe your loved one is with you?
    Do you wonder if you’ll ever feel any better? 

Recorded Webinar:

 “3 Tips for LIFE After LOSS”
… Recovery from traumatic grief


Hosted by

Barbara J Hopkinson

Grief Mentor & Author
“A Butterfly’s Journey”


We all know someone that has experienced the loss of a child, grandchild, sibling or close loved one. Perhaps you have experienced that sort of traumatic loss.
It is important to know that you, too, can find a NEW NORMAL, be hopeful, even happy again.  Barbara has after the loss of 3 children, and is now helping others to find hope and happiness again.
Barbara will talk about how nothing breaks the bond of LOVE, not even death; how we all grieve so very differently; and why a positive “love” focus makes such a difference in recovering from grief.
 Key Leanings:
  • – Grief is Unique
    – Belief – Faith – Signs
     Focus on the LOVE 




Supporting the journey to HOPE…

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