phys·ics noun ˈfi-ziks                (from the Webster Online Dictionary)
: a science that deals with matter and energy and the way they act on each other

Physics Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.  Quantum physics takes this even further on the sub-atomic scale as it relates to energy, including ability to transport data from light to matter.  This can impact afterlife beliefs.

Based on the ten-year-plus spiritual journey, which I describe in my book, including research, experiences with mediums, energy healing, workshops and other spiritual activities, plus my own observations — I know that I continue a relationship with  my deceased children, especially my oldest son, Brent.  I can still feel his love and I’m certain he can feel my love.  We can all feel the connection to our loved ones with enough focus, effort and the right, trusted connections — over time — while we keep an open mind and trust our intuition (our “gut” feelings).

Even more important is the impact of LOVE on all those around us.  My journey taught me to get quiet time, to look for signs, to listen to and trust my intuition.  It has strengthened as a result.  When I meditate, or am quiet in the beauty of nature or someplace I love, I can feel Brent.  As I’ve mentioned before in my blogs – I’ve had signs directly from him, as well as through friends and professionals I trust, that I was referred to.

My first encounter with a medium, was four months after Brent’s death, when I was at a low point.  I was skeptical but she knew far too much about him, my family and myself to ignore it as a coincidence.  She said he’d been trying to reach with signals in the house, I’d noticed some odd things and that made me more aware to look for signs.

I was referred to another medium and he was even more detailed and exact – knowing the kind of car my son drove, the college he attended and about his fiancé in Arizona.  I later took classes from him, in an effort to improve my own paranormal skills.   Brent dropped in unexpectedly nearly every class, telling the medium about some unusual thing I was doing that week.  The medium would ask me questions like “Brent’s here again, were you doing anything related to Singapore recently?”  It just so happened that I’d been planning a trip to Singapore for business!

Then, “coincidentally” I met an energy healer, hypnotherapist and medium  that Brent connected to as a way to teach me about the value of LOVE.  They helped me understand that being in the higher vibration level of love energy vs the lower vibration level of pain would be more healing.  Also, that “letting go” a bit, understanding that his life was a “gift” not just a loss, plus a focus on the positive memories would help even more.  It was a turning point for me, and I understood that all of our deceased children and loved ones want us to heal, be happy and to feel the love they are sending us.  I personally need quiet time, sometimes meditation, to feel that.

What I’ve come to believe does not seem far-fetched to me any longer.  Most religions are based on faith and belief in an afterlife. Neurologists and neuroscientists have recently talked about their own experiences, including Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and Dr. Eben Alexander, who totally changed their opinions on energy and afterlife — very enlightening. 

I am healed as I feel Brent’s love and believe we have a continuing relationship.  It is similar to his being on the other side of the world where I can’t see him, but know he’s there and still loves me.  We are each on our own journey yet connected between physical and spiritual planes… LOVE is the connector!


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