Simon Dias, San Jorge, Azores

Simon Dias, San Jorge, Azores

I do!  For a lot of reasons… some of which I’ll get to in this blog.

I use to be a skeptic, worked for years in the corporate world – was too busy to think about spirituality or intangible things.  I was climbing a corporate ladder and focused on my job performance and providing a good lifestyle for myself and my family…   that is, until my oldest son died.

That changed everything!  It rocked my world, was a catalyst to end my 30-year marriage and for me to change jobs.  It had a million ripple effects on my other son, my husband, our extended families and me.  But it also made me understand clearly what is important and what is not, and it sent me on a spiritual journey to validate if my son’s spirit continued…  or not.

What I learned is that ALL of our children and loved ones’ spirits continue, and so does the personality they displayed while they were here.  If you can allow yourself to be open-minded enough to learn techniques and trust your intuition, you can feel them too — or you can find genuine people to do it for you and give you messages.  You can also get better at looking for signs (One of the books I read:  “Love Beyond Life”).  It took me time, hard work, and faith but I’m getting increasingly better at it and I found people who I trust that can also relay messages and can refer them as resources.

Caldera, San Jorge, Azores

Caldera, San Jorge, Azores

Three examples of why I now believe:

  1. I was told by a friend, the year my son died, that in her meditation, he’d shown her not only the flowers he’d given me months before for Mother’s Day, but an item that I put in his casket and not told anyone about.  She described both in detail, never seeing them.
  2. I was meditating in my living room and suddenly, there was a very bright light reflecting in a hanging crystal.  I’d never seen this happen before, and just then, I got a phone call from a friend who I’d seen channel an original song from my son to tell me he was sending me “love and light”.  The brightness then faded shortly after.
  3. I’d just moved into a summer home, and was taking a walk before unpacking.  A trusted friend who had never been there but had given me messages before from my son, texted me “Brent said: Mom, be careful going up your front steps.”  When I got back to the house, the entire length of the wooden step was cracked!  If I’d put my weight on the outside edge, I would’ve fallen and possibly been hurt.

   ===   There are more!  See my earlier blogs on “Signs” Part 1, 2, & 3

I just returned from a trip seeing some of the most incredibly beautiful nature I have ever seen, including several spots in the Azorean islands.  At least three times that I am certain of, I felt Brent’s presence when I was hiking or swimming, deep in nature, quiet and surrounded by beauty.  I trust that it was my son, checking in on me and making himself felt, and I am very grateful for my continued connection with him.  

Sete Cidades, San Miguel, Azores

Sete Cidades, San Miguel, Azores

I believe it is possible for all of us to have a continued connection and relationship with our loved ones that have crossed over.  I wish for you that you discover your own connections and reach out to me if you’d like help.


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