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Bereaved Parents / Grandparents / Siblings:

“I have read the Butterfly’s Journey and it has helped me enormously in my healing process. I lost a grandson six years ago and went to many grief groups but found no relief until I attended Compassionate Friends, which the Newburyport Chapter was established and lead by Barbara Hopkinson since the loss of her son, ten years ago. During my first meeting at Compassionate Friends, I knew I had found a home for healing from this tragedy. A Butterfly’s Journey has touched and soothed my soul at a deeper level and led me to more avenues to grieve and love my lost grandchild. Thank you Barbara for all your work and love.”

Eileen Hiatt, LICSW , Newburyport, MA; bereaved mother & grandmother

“We first met Barbara at a Compassionate Friends’ meeting when we lost our youngest son Tyler. She provided a safe place for parents of all ages to share their pain together. Barbara’s journey is born out of the eternal love we all have for our children. Her gentle, kind words and welcoming spirit offered us hope out of the paralyzing tunnel of despair that had engulfed us in our grief. In this common ground of bereavement over the untimely loss of our children, her unwavering support allowed our hearts to heal as she guided us through this intensely life altering trauma. Barbara’s compassion transformed the tragic loss we felt and allowed us to fully rejoin life once again.”

~ Jeff and Heather Smith, Durham, NH; bereaved parents

“After losing a child I looked towards finding someone that I could reach out to, a person who would somehow understand the pain I was feeling. Barbara was that person. She helped me find a way to grieve but also celebrate my son’s life. She continues to make herself available for me to talk and always encourages me to share stores about my son as a way to keep his spirit alive. I am now able to see him in all the beautiful things around me and feel his energy surround me the way she is able to help others, including myself along the path of grief. I admire her strength and spirituality—which I thought I had lost, but Barbara was able to help me retrieve those qualities.”

~ Maria Cuoto, Peabody, MA; bereaved mother

“I was so grateful that I could be part of the presentation of your amazing book last Sunday.  You continue to offer grieving families, and everyone else as well, the most beautiful example of how to live life to the fullest, even in the face of such a terrible loss.

When you started the local chapter of Compassionate Friends 10 years ago, I was deeply impressed by how you took your own experiences and found the courage and strength to support other parents and families.  One could easily say ‘I’ve experienced enough loss, just let it be”  but you just contacted families you heard and read about and continually gave of yourself to help them.

 I am proud to know you, my friend.”

 ~ Maureen Daley, Founder Nbpt, MA Montessori School; bereaved sibling


 “A Butterfly’s Journey is a tribute and inspiration for those whose hearts seeking support and insight when dear ones (children) transition into the Light. I have known Barbara Hopkinson for several years. She is a model of kindness, caring and courage.”

~ Ritza Elizabeth,, Entrepreneur, AZ & MA

 “I just want to add my voice to all the praise I imagine you’ve received for your amazing, moving, beautiful Book Launch at the Actor’s Studio last night. It was certainly the most fantastic ‘reading’ I’ve ever attended, by far, and I know that a lot of thought, care and love must have gone into it. When I arrived home I immediately had to take up your story where your reading had left off, Barbara, and it was all I could do to put it down, as I needed to wake up super early today. It is hard to describe the way in which such a wrenching story can also be so gripping: your writing style propels the reader along…. The emotion of the evening was pure, palpable, and – once again – wrenching and beautiful at the same time. I feel that I will look at my life and my children differently from now on.  I could go on, but just want to say to you both: Bravo!”                     

~ Jane Bernhardt, Author or “We Are Here“ and “The Sweet Conversation”, NH

 “Hi Barbara, I finished your book the other evening.  It was a little overwhelming at first, to say the least!  And that you should take as a compliment.  I’ve never felt such empathy for someone and feel I can better understand what a dear friend went through many years ago when she lost her son.  I watched & was with her as she went through much of the same painful situations you did.  Of course, my favorite section of the book was toward the end as you have opened yourself to the other side & finding that there truly is more than just this life, & that we all remain connected!  Kudos for having the courage to share and give positive action to your grief.”

~ Jackie Coates, Manager KMCH Radio, Manchester, IA

“We just had another great 4th Monday Phone meeting with our newest out of state member, Barbara Hopkinsin of http://www.abutterfysjourney.com/

 Her presentation “It’s all about the Love!” Gave me chills, inspired me and touched my heart!!

 She shared beautiful words and poetry channeled from her 21 year old son, Brent, who was killed in a motorcycle accident.

 Will share recording later on today!!”

 ~ Pam Brooks-Crump, Atlanta, GA;
CEO, WeCan Women Entrepreneurs Collaborating and Networking

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