Pam Brooks-Crump hosts monthly networking
with author/speaker
Barbara J Hopkinson… “It’s All About the LOVE”Mon Feb 24, 2014
(~59 m / BJH ~35m)
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Pam Brooks-Crump, founder of WECAN (Women Entrepreneurs Collaborating and Networking) hosted their monthly networking call with author, speaker and grief mentor Barbara J Hopkinson talking about why “It’s All About the LOVE”.

Pam introduces the call with a short meditation and holding the intention for the group, then asks everyone to participate in the Giving/Receiving to support each other.  She then introduces Barbara, her book “A Butterfly’s Journey” and her support programs to help bereaved families suffering from grief find hope and happiness again.

Barbara (starting at ~18:40m in the recording) briefly describes her background in the corporate world, and how she recovered after the loss of three children and a 30-year marriage, to find out the importance of LOVE to everyone and everything – especially how a focus on the love, rather than the pain -helps to heal us and our deceased loved ones.  She also reads a poem and a passage channelled from her deceased son Brent.  

The two songs channelled from Brent to her friend and musician Nancy Day can be downloaded from her site:  

  1. an instrumental named “Theme of a Butterfly’s Journey”
  2. “Love Everlasting” with the poem as lyrics, intended for all bereaved families


Contact Barbara for a

FREE 30-minute ‘Start-the Healing’ Conversation:  

email:  [email protected]    
or  call  617-410-6309


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