This week is Valentine’s Day…
…what better time to focus on LOVE?

Through tragedy and lots of healing work, I learned how important and how healing it is to keep a focus on the love in our minds and our lives. I talk about that in my book, and get messages from my deceased son Brent about it — including the one in the book excerpt below. When I practice living in love, it changes my life for the better, plus heals me — you can too!

Excerpt from:
      “A Butterfly’s Journey…”

Love heals us all; prolonged deep grief can hold us back, can waste life. Why is it so difficult to focus on the love we’ve known after we’ve lost a child or any loved one? The loss is so devastating, it makes us focus on the grief. That is natural. Think about it: have we really lost that love? I don’t think so. Nothing can break that bond of love—not even death.

Be grateful for the time you had with your loved one. Be grateful for those remaining. Try to clear a path to love again. I was struggling with how to best articulate this concept about love, so I asked my deceased son Brent to help me. He dictated the following to my trusted friend Nancy, who is able to speak with him.

 Here is part of what Brent said: “Love is what binds us, what brings us joy and makes memories. Love is what gives us hope, heals the loss and makes the loss a sacred part of our story… Love gives everything meaning. Love comes in many forms… Love says if love has ‘BEEN,’ then love can ‘BE’; NOW HERE, BEFORE, DURING, AFTER… FOREVER… Love makes hopelessness turn into hope. If we isolate ourselves… we will not touch what is yet to come in our lives.

 We must try to allow the love to help us move into what’s next… Love is timeless, and if we believe in that timeless love, then we can touch each other’s lives. If we can be with the love we’ve had for those we’ve lost and honor that love, then we can live NOW and be connected to the past in a present way that is much more powerful than putting the memory on a piece of paper and sticking it in a box…

Just as we think of the sun rising here and it’s already risen somewhere, always rising or setting or rising again. Life is always going on, becoming anew, evolving again, never ending. We can never say the light has gone out because it’s the light we relate to, look for, hold on to, share…

It’s not about the finality of our lives here… we are going to leave; but we all begin again. If we only could believe that it is not an ending, only could know how our love lives on and trust that it does… The magic of love is indefinable in words. The way a song comes into your heart and moves you is magical and indefinable in words. BELIEVE in what you can’t define…

… We pollinate the world with love and give others hope, and the butterfly is universally the symbol of evolvement . . . No mistake why you are using this visual and this interpretation.”

Our love certainly continues beyond the death of our family and friends. I can feel the love back from mine. You might too — with enough quiet / practice.

Love is a higher energy vibration level than grief. Our deceased loved ones are at a higher vibration level now, and it may be easier for them to get signs through to us when we focus on that love, rather than the lower energy vibration of pain. Most important, we know that is what they want for us!

It’s all about the LOVE… put your focus THERE… in EVERYTHING you do… and see how it changes your life!

 Sending you LOVE,

PS.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
& Abundance Mentality w/LOVE per Law of Extension isn’t bad!

         How to Nurture an Abundance Mentality

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