This is the poem/lyrics channeled from my son Brent to my Nancy Day
… as described in part A of this blog:
“Songs… The Story”
… and in the press release for the song.

Both “Love Everlasting” and the instrumental “Theme of A Butterfly’s Journey” are downloadable here.


Love Everlasting

Your love gave me the wings to be an angel
Your love taught me the ways of a good man.
Your love gave me the courage to be brave and strong
You always told me do the best you can. 

My love is like the song along the seashore
I’m floating in the colors of your sky.
My love is all around you every moment
Transforming like a brilliant butterfly. 

And when your heart is overcome with sadness
So heavy you can scarcely catch your breath
Life is the miracle to lift your grieving
Your love’s still with me in life after death.

And I am spreading love now as an angel.
Your love gave me the grace to be heaven blessed.
Don’t worry about me, for I am happy
For all of my pain and sadness is at rest.

 Miracles are everywhere around you
My world is available, you see.
Dream and love, let peace and beauty surround you.
Someday you’ll join in heaven’s light with me.

 What I experience is more than thrilling
I had not known such bliss and joy before
Earth can know of this if you are willing
To believe in what you have not seen before.

Your love gave me the wings to be an angel
Because of you my life on earth was grand
Your laughter lives within me now in heaven
Dear Mother, I will always take your hand.
Believe in what you cannot understand
As butterflies do fly
And rebirth into the sky

Yes, now, so do I my wings expand.

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