Local Author Announces Original Song to Inspire Healing After the Loss of a Child; The Proceeds of “Love Everlasting” Music to Support Local Bereavement Group

Newbury, MA–December 3, 2013–Barbara J Hopkinson, local author, speaker and facilitator of bereavement groups and programs, today announced the sale of an original song to give hope to families after the loss of child.

Nancy Day

The song, called “Love Everlasting,” was received as a spiritual message to the author from her deceased son, Brent, via her friend and singer songwriter, Nancy Day.On the tenth anniversary of Brent’s death, Day was gardening, when Brent contacted her and asked her to drop what she was doing and write down the words to the poem. Brent also told Day the poem was lyrics for a song and channeled the music to her. Receiving messages from the deceased is sometimes a common occurrence for those who remain open-minded, and listen for signs.


Brent & Barbara

“I see the song as a message not just from my son to me personally, but as a representative message to all families who have lost a child,” noted Hopkinson. “My son’s words encourage us all to believe the deceased are content in the afterlife. Brent continually lets me know he is safe, happy and loved. And he also wants other families to know, that their children who have passed on are fine as well.”

Available as a download from the author’s website the song costs only $3. Proceeds will go directly to The Compassionate Friends of Greater Newburyport,a local bereavement group supporting family after a child dies. Hopkinson continues to lead this group, which she founded more than 10 years ago. The Newburyport organization is one of more than 650 chapters in the United States, with an international presence in thirty countries.

“One of my ways of healing through the death of my son was to help others,” Hopkinson explained. “Now, I want to give back to the organization that continues to support so many through the devastation of losing a child.”

Two particular verses from “Love Everlasting” resonate with many. These are:

 1) “Miracles exist everywhere around you
My world is available, you see.
Dream and love, let peace and beauty surround you.
Someday you’ll join in heaven’s light with me.”

2) “What I experience is more than thrilling
I had not known such bliss and joy before
Earth can know of this if you are willing
To believe in what you have not seen before.”


The complete lyrics to the song can be found on page 237 of Hopkinson’s newly released book,A Butterfly’s Journey…Healing Grief After the Loss of a Child.”

Hopkinson also offers a national virtual support program to help bereaved families move through grief. To explore experiencing her online support, she offers a complementary “Return to Life” 30-minute phone consultation.

For more information about purchasing the song, or learning more about the author’s book or program for helping families find hope and happiness again, contact Hopkinson at: 617-410-6309.



Barbara Hopkinson was born in Maine, raised in Massachusetts, and lived several years in New Jersey. A Butterfly’s Journey is her first full-length book, after publishing blogs, articles, and book reviews in the business world. She retired after a successful career in technology sales, including ten years as an IBM executive. One of her passions is travel, having visited more than 40 countries so far. She is a multiple bereaved parent, which inspired her to write about her journey to help others. She founded and continues to lead a local chapter of The Compassionate Friends, an international organization whose mission is to support family after the loss of a child. Barbara has a happy family life with her second husband, James Hopkinson, her remaining son Brad and three adult stepchildren Melanie, Matthew, and Christopher.



Barbara Hopkinson
[email protected]
P.O. Box 872
Newburyport, MA 01950


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