“Strategies For Living” therapist David McMillan Interviews Author:
Barbara J Hopkinson
Nov. 19, 2013


David McMillan, Strategies for Living

David McMillan


Marriage & family therapist

David McMillan

discusses with Barbara: (~47 min)

Barbara J Hopkinson





>>> Background on her son, Brent, 21, who was killed in a motorcycle accident

>>> Barbara’s background at IBM and how she was a skeptic before being open to believe in afterlife

>>> How Barbara’s book and Return-to-Life virtual support program expand on the work she’s done for more than a decade helping bereaved families in her local chapter of The Compassionate Friends.

>>> Stories of credible “signs” from her son Brent – both early on and recently.

>>> How her remaining son Brad feels about her spiritual journey and his beliefs as a sibling.

>>> The three most important things that Barbara learned after her loss and in her journey.

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