Do you believe in an afterlife?
Do you think the spirit of your loved ones continue?
Have you ever seen or felt something you thought was a “sign”?

Part 1 talked about my initial transition to be more open to ‘afterlife’ and to watch for “signs.”  That blog cited a few early signs surrounding my older son Brent’s wake and funeral, plus helpful books given to me and along with my first visit to a medium. (link for Part 1 of this blog).

Continuing in this part 2 of my 3-part series about life after death — my next sign came when a couple friends, Marc and Kathleen, who were spiritual and had strong intuitive capabilities gave me messages from Brent. Both Marc and Kathleen got signs from Brent the night he died, in their homes. Marc is a Shaman, energy healer. and theater executive. Kathleen, a nurse, inherited her strong intuitive capabilities from her father and grandmother. These friends were part of a group of eight of us who went on a getaway together after Brent died, and some significant signs emerged.

Marc taught us how to meditate.  We did so in a group every morning on a balony overlooking the Caribbean, then we would discuss our individual experiences. Kathleen heard from Brent clearly in her meditations and there were two significant signs. The first was that he showed her the flowers he sent me from Arizona for Mother’s Day earlier that year, which Kathleen described them to me in accurate detail. Then he impatiently handed her something in her mind, during her meditation, and left — he was impatient in life too — and when she scrutinized it and described it to me, she didn’t know what it was. But I knew it immediately! It was the ASU lanyard keychain from his college – I had put it in his casket just before the lid was closed as I privately said goodbye before his funeral. I’d not told anyone, not even family. It was my gift to Brent from the college he loved so much. I nearly fell off my chair when Kathleen described it, I could not believe she knew about it! That meditation was the first time I also felt Brent’s spirit myself, like he was hugging me. I could feel it emotionally as well as a soft pressure around my shoulders, like a hug. I could feel his love.

When we returned from the trip, six of the eight of us who lived local to home, got together weekly for group guided meditations, which grew to a larger group over time. Group meditation is very powerful; Marc led us. I had many times when I would see the faces of Brent, my parents and other loved ones, but I also would see bright moving colors, faces and especially eyes of animals and other people that I did not know. I wasn’t thinking about these or conjuring them up — they would just come to me and sometimes carry a feeling or message. Often that message coordinated with what others in the group saw in their own meditations or some silent message that Marc was getting — as we would discuss our experiences after the meditation. Those times were extremely healing.

When we first got back from our trip, Kathleen and I did a meditation together on our own in my home. I was trying to figure out what I needed to “do” about my situation and how I might help others; I felt compelled to action. My instincts told me that helping others would help me heal. Kathleen gave me a message from Brent which solidified my path. She told me that Brent said he and I should be a “team” — that I should help the families here and he would help the children “cross over”. Okay then –  knew what I had to do. Within a few months, after laying the groundwork, I founded The Compassionate Friends of Greater Newburyport, MA. I still lead it, ten years later, having worked with hundreds of families.

There are still MANY signs to chat about — more in Part 3 and details in my book.


Love and faith,

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