Do you believe in an Afterlife?
Do you think the spirit of your loved ones continue?
Have you ever seen or felt something you thought was a “sign”?

I don’t know about you, but I was a skeptic. I grew up Catholic and worked in the conservative corporate world most of my adult life. We didn’t talk about that kind of thing, at least we didn’t back then.

And then my 21-year-old son died – and I had to KNOW!

Neither my parents’ deaths nor the death of my infants pushed me so hard in this need to find out. It came up, I wondered, I talked to friends and family but I wasn’t DRIVEN to get an answer until I lost Brent.

The night Brent died, I was quite angry at him for being careless enough to get on a motorcycle much too powerful for his experience to handle. I figured that the 21-year-old-invincible-male-ego had taken over and caused all of this pain to us and his fiancé. I was exhausted from the flight to Arizona, the stresses and emotions surrounding his death, and what a waste this was of the bright future Brent had. I fell into a fitful sleep before 10:00PM in the hotel in Scottsdale. Then I was awoken around 3:00AM with Brent’s strong voice in my head saying clearly “I’m sorry!” I immediately felt that I was holding his spirit back with my anger; that I needed to forgive him in order to release him to “cross over.” I was wide awake now, and knew that I’d heard his voice. I thought about it, realized he’d just made a stupid mistake that he couldn’t reverse and I consciously forgave him. My jolt woke up my family; we talked and cried about it. I did feel a small bit of relief in doing that, even though I didn’t yet understand.

In the intense grief that followed, I tried to think logically but hopefully… “Why not? Don’t all major world religions believe in an afterlife? Doesn’t physics state that matter never goes away – it just changes form? Wasn’t it possible that some of the things I thought were “signs”, actually were?

 My journey began. A friend of my sister-in-law’s gave me the book “Love After Life” by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski. It was very convincing; it got me to open my mind and to look for “signs”. Then a friend gave me the book “Many Lives, Many Masters” and for the first time, I really considered reincarnation and was further convinced that our spirits continued. Many books and experiences followed – referenced as part of my spiritual journey described in my book “A Butterfly’s Journey”.

Next, was a visit to my first medium – a woman who three of my friends had mentioned to me, separately from each other, in the same week. It was quite an experience, which I also describe in my book, but the net is that I felt my son and my parents came through her to connect with us. She knew too many details; there was nowhere to reference this kind of information, nor would my friends have known it.  Pat even knew about something at Brent’s funeral I did not remember, which my skeptical husband verified!

The medium told me that the tiny lights I was seeing at night were “spirit lights” and that Brent was trying to get our attention by moving some things in the house and leaving pennies in odd places. Okay – that was a stretch for me, but I was definitely seeing those lights and making sure I was awake when I did.  I’d also seen some unusual happenings around the wake — like candles coming back on long after they were checked to have been put out, or the Monarch butterfly which visited and let three of us handle it, take pictures and never tried to get away! (it’s picture is on the front book cover).

There is LOTS more to tell – but this is long enough for now…  more soon…

 Stay OPEN… Love,

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