“X” Zone’s Rob McConnell Interviews:
Barbara J Hopkinson
October 22, 2013

Rob McConnell













Paranormal radio’s Rob McConnell and Barbara discuss:
(~45 min. incl. breaks)

The “X” zone raio

— Her book “A Butterfly’s Journey… Healing Grief After the Loss of a Child”

— Her spiritual journey and some of the “signs” she’s received from her deceased son

— Barbara’a experience with mediums and the three phases of her journey with them
(validation, conversational, healing)

— Her healing journey,  support groups and healing benefits of helping others

— Barbara’s new ABJ “Return-to-Life” virtual support program

— Why recovery from grief is… “ALL ABOUT THE LOVE”


Contact Barbara for a FREE 30-minute “Return-to-Life” Consultation:  
email: [email protected]    or   call 617-410-6309

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