Virtual support allows bereaved family members to receive individualized support through their healing journeys without having to physically go to the place where the support is offered. It extends beyond the value of conventional grief support groups, which are locally based and require members to be present in order to participate.

By providing support virtually over the phone and Internet, grieving family members are given freedom, flexibility and access to a greater variety of resources. They can receive support from the comfort of their own homes. For example, see the press release on my “Return-to-Life” program.

 Virtual support also offers interactive group options. However, it can be tailored to private one-on-one sessions out of respect for the needs of grieving families or individuals who do not want to discuss their situations as part of a group. Sometimes, those grieving the loss of a loved one do not want to hear about others’ grief, at a time when they are extremely sensitive.  They may even be embarrassed to talk about the situation surrounding the death of their child.  Either is perfectly normal.

 Other advantages of virtual support for bereavement

 Virtual support also offers:

  • An additional degree of confidentiality – other group members do not need to know your real identity. Plus, you can hang up or sign off any time you feel like it, without the embarrassment of walking out of a room!
  • You can optionally Include other family members, making support more economical; and it allows them to “try it out” before committing.
  • A teaching component, visual aids and links to other resources.

 With my “Return to Life” program, I look forward to reaching more people than I could with my Compassionate Friends’ local support chapter, which I founded in 2003 and have led for more than ten years.

 I want to open up discussions about grieving the death of a child – a topic that doesn’t get talked about much – as well as to provide a safe, convenient place to do just that – talk, honoring confidentiality yet without  “rules” for how you may express yourselves.

By sharing the ways I have healed and found happiness again,  I hope to inspire others to know they can too, and to understand that their children want them to move on in life.

My wish is that you, and others you care about, can benefit from my experiences, resources and referrals.

Try a free 30-minute Return-to-Life Conversation, which will begin your:

  • · Reduction in grief and increase in daily motivation
  • · Belief in the continuation of a child’s spirit
  • · Increased awareness of tools to continue the healing processSimply CLICK HERE to schedule that free session with me I look forward to speaking with you.

Wishing you healing, sending you love…

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