Immersed in gratitude, I continue to take in an outpouring of support for the launch of my book, A Butterfly’s Journey, last month.

The private party, celebrating with friends and family, entailed many loving words, including a poignant tribute from my dear friend and NY Times’ best-selling author Andre Dubus III as shown here:  http://youtu.be/3uttvbjAM0M

Marc Clopton, executive director of The Actors Studio of Newburyport where my party was held, was an engaging master of ceremonies for the event–setting the tone for an intimate evening shared with a standing-room-only crowd.   Friends, old and new, shared laughs and tears as they listened to Andre and Marc.  Later, I read from my book, and talked of my belief in healing grief by focusing on the love versus the pain.

Two original songs for the book, played by Nancy Day, touched the audience: “Theme of A Butterfly’s Journey” which can be downloaded free from the website and “Love Everlasting”.

One attendee, a friend who is also an author, said this of the private event:

“I just want to add my voice to all the praise I imagine you’ve received for your amazing, moving, beautiful Book Launch at the Actor’s Studio last night. It was certainly the most fantastic ‘reading’ I’ve ever attended, by far, and I know that much thought, care and love must have gone into it. When I arrived home I immediately had to take up your story where your reading had left off, Barbara, and it was all I could do to put it down, as I needed to wake up super early today. It is hard to describe the way in which such a wrenching story can also be so gripping: your writing style propels the reader along…. The emotion of the evening was pure, palpable, and – once again – wrenching and beautiful at the same time. I feel that I will look at my life and my children differently from now on. I could go on, but just want to say to you: Bravo!~ Jane  Bernhardt, Author of “We Are Here” and “The Sweet Conversation”

And another attendee, a bereaved sibling, said this of my private book launch party:

“I was so grateful that I could be part of the presentation of your amazing book last Sunday.  You continue to offer grieving families, and everyone else as well, the most beautiful example of how to live life to the fullest, even in the face of such a terrible loss.  When you started the local chapter of Compassionate Friends 10 years ago, I was deeply impressed by how you took your own experiences and found the courage and strength to support other parents and families.  One could easily say ‘I’ve experienced enough loss, just let it be’ but you just contacted families you heard and read about and continually gave of yourself to help them.  I am proud to know you, my friend.~ Maureen Daley, bereaved sibling and Founder, Newburyport Montessori School

Press coverage appeared locally in The Newburyport News and The Current Newburyport, with other TV and radio outlets continuously lining up times for me to be interviewed for future stories to help families deal with the loss of a child.

Earlier in the month, I had a virtual book launch via the Internet as well as a newswire introduction of my book to the masses.

Momentum is building…

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