A Butterfly's Journey - Healing Grief After the Loss of a Child“Barbara Hopkinson has done something extraordinarily geneAndre-Dubus-1002rous here: she has taken her bottomless grief and shined a hard-earned light through it, the light that never dies, a parent’s love for her child. A Butterfly’s Journey is an important and timely contribution to the literature of spiritual and life-loving resilience.’

—Andre Dubus III, NY Times’ best-selling author of House of Sand and Fog, The Garden of Last Days, and Townie

A Butterfly’s Journey offers a unique approach to enduring the loss of a child, with the author’s diverse perspective as a multiple bereaved parentand support group facilitator.

In this gripping memoir that commences with the day she got “the call” alerting her that her 21-year-old son had been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, Hopkinson bares her soul in moving through a journey of grief that changed her life forever.  She also gives families a reason to believe in their child’s continued spiritual existence.

With great skill, Hopkinson’s approach helps bereaved parents and families understand the variety of ways grief can be felt, expressed and supported. For example, genders grieve differently and infant loss can be as traumatic as the death of an older or adult child.  She gently reminds us to be tolerant:  we all grieve in our own way and on our own schedule.

Courageously sharing the impact of grief in her own life, Hopkinson reveals that her 30-year-marriage did not survive the untimely death of her adult son.  Additionally, while going through a divorce that dramatically altered her lifestyle, her remaining son flunked out of college as a result of the loss of his brother.  Like many bereaved parents, Hopkinson briefly contemplated suicide after these and other unexpected events.

In A Butterfly’s Journey, she details finding an inner strength she now believes has prepared her to handle any life challenge with greater ease.  She also models how she found love, hope and happiness again by turning outward and helping others.



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